Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's my life again?

I've been chasing this new TV series call "No Ordinary Family"

Have you watched any of the episodes yet? Its pretty good actually. It used the same concept of the animated film "The Incredibles" where each of the family member has their own super power.

The father has incredible strength. The mum has super speed. The daughter is a mind reader and the son is a super brain. Haha.. which is pretty cute actually. I kinda like it.

But like any typical family with superpowers, the father likes to do crime fighting and always puts himself in danger. I'm sure no cheap health insurance company is gonna want to do business with him.

Seriously though. I really wouldn't mind having a superpower. Hmm... like the ability to fly.. or .. the ability to walk through walls (I'll be a ghost actually), or be able to read minds (but sensitive as I am.. I don't think I'll be happy).

Em.. super brain perhaps?

I don't know.. what would you want?

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