Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swimming starts Again!

I'm starting swimming again. I know I know I shouldn't take so many things at once and burden myself to death but I promise myself that I would stick it out till the end.

Waking up at 610am three times a week just to swim for an hour an a half is definitely not something normal people would do for fun. But you would be surprise how satisfied one actually feels after a morning swim. Ah.. I love the feeling of refreshness and the idea that today is going to be a great day because you started your day early and productive.

Besides feeling all energized, I also get to "try" losing weight. I mean I don't know about the effectiveness of the thermogenic fat burners that everyone seems to be talking about but yeah.. although.. I do eat a big huge breakfast after my swim. Don't really know how that would help.

And now.. at 6pm.. I'm totally exhausted. o.O


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