Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Old

When is the best age to use wrinkle eye creams? Early twenties? Middle twenties? Late twenties? Or even until one is in their thirties? Do you wait until you can spot tiny little wrinkles around your eyes to buy wrinkle eye creams? Or do you start using to prevent the emergence of those bad little wrinkles altogether?

Argh... all these societal pressures to force us women to not look our age is seriously kinda depressing. It makes one feel that growing old is a scary thing and that we should do everything in our power to delay the process.

Is aging really that bad? I dont know. Sometimes I do think that its kinda scary. Looking all wrinkly and old and tired... I don't know..

I wanna grow old gracefully. And be a happy old lady. I want to live old with my husband and family. I wonder if that's ever possible?

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