Friday, May 21, 2010


It is finals week now. Oh gosh.. I know I always say this every semester but this is seriously the toughest semester I have ever went through. Soo many papers due in one week. I don't even have any appetite to eat! And that is something very foreign to me because I always matter how I feel I never give up food. But these few days...

I'm still not losing weight though. >.<>.< Hmph! A friend today just told me that running doesn't make one lose weight either. If running doesn't make you lose weight, then what will? Not eating at all??? o.O

Maybe rapid detox. Like eating grass all day for 3 weeks. Or if you're on drugs, check yourself into one of those centers and get serious. I don't know how that relates to losing weight but I'm sure there's a way. Its all about connecting the dots. Don't you think so?

Drugs is bad man. Smoking is too. I think. I'm not sure. Never tried it myself. Do you think I should try it one day?

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