Monday, February 15, 2010

Is 52kg fat?

You know, I always feel kinda irritated reading weight loss success stories. But the one that I was the most mad was when I was reading a Japanese magazine while cutting my hair in a Japanese hair salon.

Basically the story was about this young maybe early 20's woman that was originally 51.9 kg (what the hell was wrong with that?) and how she succeeded in losing weight every week till she was about 44kg!

WTF? What was wrong with being 52kg? I mean I don't mind if the lady was 120 kg and she wanted to lose weight to 90 kg or something. But 52 kg????

Why must girls always be skinny? What happen to being voluptuous and sexy? Do we all need to be sticks???

Argh.. Japan is weird. That's my conclusion!

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