Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pounds pounds pounds!!!

I didn't gain much weight when I was in japan!!! Yay!!!! WooohoO!!!! Hehehe.. I thought I gained more than about 2 kgs but when I came back and used my mum's weighing machine, my weight was the same as when I came back during the summer!

Seriously though, you would have thought that being in Japan would make u lose weight coz the servings there are small and everything right? But no... because the food there is sooo good and its so cold there, you tend to eat more there resulting in a gigantic weight gain. >.<

I don't think I'll ever buy fitness equipment for myself since I seriously hate sweating so the only exercise I do was swimming. And while i was in Japan, it was cycling but because it was winter, it was really fun.

But being in Malaysia now.. uh-oh...

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Ces said...

Hello Princess Shin, I am glad you did not gain weight. That is wonderful. How are you? I have not been here since 2007. I hope all is well with you.