Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Better Safe than Sorry

Hong Kong dramas are just so predictable. Right now NTV 7 is showing a TVB drama titled "Love Guaranteed" which is about these two lead characters that are working for an insurance company. So basically the whole show is about how they find ways to persuade people to buy insurance and stuff.

There was one particular episode where the lead female character was persuading her client, who was a film director to insure his cast and the set. Unfortunately, the client was a stingy guy and didn't buy insurance for his last shooting and guess what happened? Yup, there was an accident and of course it was a big deal because he was stubborn and didnt want to buy insurance.

Typical! =.=

Seriously though, insurance can be a big help to people especially insurance such as medical insurance, disability insurance and such. Allsup is one such good example. They are the leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare service especially for people with disabilities. They have helped more than 110,000 people receive their entitled Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare benefits since 1984.

So the moral of the story, buy insurance before its too late.

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