Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Touch Wood Anyone?

Chinese people always believe that its bad luck talking about "deaths," "car accidents," "sickness" or other what ifs stuff. We believe that these things may happen just because you just mentioned it. That's why there's a saying "touch wood" to help counteract the negative talk.

I seriously don't know where the "touch wood" thing originated from but you can see because of this, many Chinese people don't like talking about the "what ifs" in life. Therefore, it makes it even harder to bring up the topic about insurance because insurance is all about what ifs, right?

I was just talking about house insurance with my mum this morning and she was like, "Choi! Why are you bringing up the house insurance thing? You want something to happen to our house?"

=.= Yup. No such thing as protection here.

But insurance are really helpful stuff especially in time of need. I realize that insurance such as house insurance is not that popular in Malaysia compared to in the US. Maybe because of all the natural disasters like earthquake, dry spells, etc.. that always occur there. Blue Cross North Carolina is also a good example of medical insurance which can hugely relieve your burden if ever something happens to your health. I don't really believe in these traditional superstitious. Its even worst if you actually do nothing about it and worry that it may happen someday because you're not prepared for it.

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nikki said...

I guess that may just as well be the reason why there are so many house robberies and health scams in Malaysia! I've never thought about it from that point of view really.