Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cats vs Dogs

I don't understand the fascination with cats. Seriously.. I'm totally a dog person. Although I'm actually not really an animal person but compared to cats.. I totally prefer dogs! There's like this division between dog lovers and cat lovers. You either love cats and hate dogs or love dogs and hate cats. Its so weird!!!

Cats just sit around and do nothing! They just laze around on the couch and lick their fur, waiting for someone to serve them, thinking they're king/queen of the world, in which case they normally are! And remember those movies about scary old ladies staying in a broken down apartment with 30 cats? Yup! You can't help by associating cats with lonely old ladies. Nothing wrong with that though.. =)

Right Charmaine! =P

Whatever it is though, maintaining a pet is seriously not cheap. Look at Paris Hilton's pet! Gosh.. Cat supplies aren't exactly cheap too, though I guess you can save on cleaning supplies for your cats coz they're clean themselves right? Well.. in that sense, cats maybe better.

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Charmaine said...

thanks..Princess Shin..thanks :P