Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another New Profile Site!

Internet profiles are getting increasingly popular. Just when you think that the end of these so called "in-things" are near, up comes another new site. SocialSpark is the new profile site in town. But.. there's something really special about this site.

What is it?

Its specially made for bloggers!!! Yeah!!! Hehe.. Bloggers can create their profiles and find opps that they would like to blog about and earn money through it. Not only can the advertisers choose the bloggers they want through their profiles, the bloggers can also choose the advertisers they want to write their product on.

And the best part is bloggers can communicate with other bloggers through this website. Its like a whole big happy family.

I just created my own profile and I think this is a good beginning for something interesting. PayPerPost has gotten kind of stale lately and with this new introduction of Social Sparks, bloggers will definitely have a chance to spice up their lives again.

I wonder what kind of bloggers will I meet in this community. Do you think I will meet any cute guys? =P There are so many different bloggers out there. I already met Roxiticus Desperate Housewives which sounds really interesting. I love Desperate Housewives too.. Oooh.. this is gonna be fun! =)

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