Monday, April 21, 2008

I got a suite!

Argh.. room selection can be such a nerve-wrecking process I tell you! Its scary! The way my university chooses the rooms for the students is through lottery process. We have two kinds of room in our university, which are suites and double room. Suites have two separate room inside and one common bathroom which you share with your roommate. A double room is one big room and two people share a room together with a one bathroom inside of course. Obviously everyone wants a suite because everyone wants their own private rooms but of course its not enough to go around for everybody so we have to go for a lottery process to see who is lucky enough to get a suite. Basically you put your name inside the box and if your name is called out, you get a suite!

Simple as that. All based on luck!

And.. I can tell you that I'm not a lucky gal at all. I mean, luck is not my best friend. I have never won any prizes before and lucky draws are terrible too me. I don't even bother joining them nowadays. What's the point?

But I had to win this lottery no matter what because no way am I gonna stay in a room with a another girl 24/7. I may sound like a spoiled brat but I love my privacy!!!

We only had 24 suites to go around for over 80 over students. I almost gave up when I didn't hear my name the first 5 minutes. My name was the third last to be called. And because I was almost the last, we didn't get to choose the room and the floor that we wanted to live in. But I guess its better than nothing.

I'm excited for the new semester. I get to decorate my room again and have a new roommate! Wahah.. she's from Puerto Rico! Interesting right? I better look through some furniture catalog to get some ideas. WOooo..

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