Sunday, March 23, 2008

Parting Gift

You know always when you watch love stories, whenever the girl in the story is going somewhere far away, the boy will always give her something precious of his for her to keep and have it by her side, well.. I always loved this part and hoped that someday, my boyfriend will give me something of his to keep by my side too. I know these Korean and Japanese dramas are too dramatic and long distance relationship barely works, but don't you think its romantic when you're at the airport ready to part with your boyfriend/girlfriend, they suddenly take out their favorite thing and give it to you? Fully knowing that they will have to part with it too?

Sigh.. So romantic!

Cody didn't exactly gave me his watch minutes before we parted, instead.. I actually asked him way before hand to give me his watch so I can wear it when I go to the States. And he did. =) His precious CK watch that cost around RM350 (USD 110). I absolutely love his watch. No.. its not because of the brand. Really! =| Hehe.. Its just not so lonely when you know that you're carrying a part of your love one wherever you go.

Anyway, I was actually thinking of getting him another watch for the longest time. But its so hard to find one. Seriously! He's so picky with watches. He hates leather strap, he doesn't like big clumsy ones. Where am I going to find a sleek man's watch? The only one that I know he'll definitely like is the one I'm wearing! And I don't think I want to part with it either!

Oh dear.. Maybe I should try the Royal Oak Offshore. Hmm...

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