Sunday, January 13, 2008

Staying Fit!

Everytime somebody comes back from overseas, the first thing that you will think about it whether the person has put on weight. I have always worried about this especially since I´m going to US and we all know what the Americans eat! Big fatty hamburgers and steak that come in super large portions. And the worst part is you don´t feel that you´re growing fat when everyone else is bigger size than you.

So since I started swimming myself, I didn´t really worry about getting fat because I swim like an hour 3 times a week. But now that the swimming season is almost done, and I don´t think i´ll be able to motivate myself to go swimming without my coaches constant scolding, I think I´ll finally face the nightmare of all freshman! The Freshman Fifteen!!! Where all new freshman adds 15 pounds in their first year in the university! I think I have to start buying some weight equipment online and stop myself from becoming a big fat round chubby girl!!!


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