Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Working again!

I'm working now. Correction! I'm working again! Changed 2 jobs in the past 2 weeks.

Remember I told you that I was doing this telemarketing thing? And letting people reject over and over and over again? Well.. I'm tired and sick of that! Screw those people that keep rejecting me! Hmph! I'm not gonna be there to take all your sh*t from you anymore. Call you with a super cheery voice and all you can do is tell me not to call you again and slam the phone on me?

Who do you think I am?

Ok.. Phew! Enough of that. I shall not waste my post on people like that! Hope it's not one of you imaginary readers! If you are then I guess I'll have to forgive you! Hehe..

Anyway, like I said, I couldn't stand it anymore. Telemarketing is just not my cup of tea. Sitting behind the desk calling managers after managers, speaking to receptionist that don't listen to you, then hearing the boring old elevator music over and over again. Nah.. don't want to do that now!

Doing another job now. A bit more interesting than this. Hehe..

And dealing with customers that are much more innocent and cheerful than those old grumpy managers. Though I just met one that ask me to shut up this afternoon, and even spelled me a f.u.c.k, but ah well.. better than having an old man said that to me.

Yup! Dealing with little kids now. Teaching in a center. Mathematics, Language and stuff. Though my brain is kinda rusty with all the holidaying but somehow I'm good at pretending to them that I actually know the answer! Haha.. Did i mention that the children there are from 3 to 15 years old. Haha.. some are so cute and sweet. But others, like the one mention above..

Let's just say my kids don't turn out like that. Please please please!

Today is my second day there. And I have worked here before last year for like 2 weeks. So nothing much for me to get use to. But seeing my employment history where the longest I have ever worked is like 5 months, I hope I don't switch anymore jobs.

Why can't I find a job that I truly like and stick with it? Why do I feel so terrible after working a few days for a job and can't wait to quit? Is everyone lidat or am I just exceptional? Will I find a job that I truly like?

Anyway, so far this job is kinda nice. Time passes quite fast esp when there is a lot of kids. So hope everything turns out okay and have me working there for the next 3 months. Wish me luck everyone!


freethinker said...

3 months wif kids... guess u'll learn one thing for sure.. patience

Marie said...

Hope it works out for you.

MerapuMan said...

with kids again. hope u survive. my adsense is not making much. just a few dollars a month.

btw, just now i was helping a friend to trouble shoot something, didnt realise i didnt log out and left a comment as him.

Merv Kwok said...

I can't survive 1 day with kids so my hats off to you mate =)

Btw, I'm normally nice to telemarketers

aw said...

No matter how cheery you are, people are sick of telemarketers.......

Getting calls several times from credit card companies, loan companies, time-share companies when you're busy with work, or driving etc is such a pain.

It's an intrusion (when we're called by a telemarketer, customers or loved ones can't get through the phone!!) It distracts us from work, or disturbs our meals.

So I'm glad you quit as a telemarketer. But you can't blame the general public for hating telemarketers, they have a bad rep.

Menchie said...

good luck with the job -- am envious as I want to work with kids.

-Princess Shin- said...

Right you are! Something I'm totally lack off! Luckily all the kids are there for just 30 mins! Haha..

Thanks! =) I hope so too! Take care!

Hello! My adsense is a super sad thing! haha.. a few cents a month only! Terrible!

merv kwok,
haha.. you don't like kids? A kiddie like you should love kids! Haha..

Nice to find a person that is kind to telemarketer! I represent all telemarketers and give you a big kiss! =)

Thanks for dropping by! But even though they intrude on your time, there's no reason for us to treat them bad. They're just doing a job and earning money.

Thanks for sharing though.

haha.. don't you have 2 lovely kids at home?