Sunday, March 04, 2007

San Francisco Steakhouse

Went to San Francisco Steakhouse for dinner last night with my family. Heard of this place? There's a few branches around Selangor. Not sure about other states but there's one in Midvalley and one in Damansara. Opposite Summer Palace.

Not bad place actually. Nice ambiance.

Not exactly Victoria Station kind of place but much similar. Price also almost the same. Quite expensive if you ask me.

But hey if you're willing to pay for the ambiance and service. I guess its okay!

For starters I ordered onion soup and my brother ordered minestrone soup. I can never pronounce this word properly.

My Onion Soup for RM 7.50

Minestrone Soup for RM 7.50 too.

I was out the whole day without my family. They went out too but when I ask my mum whether they would be back for dinner my mum said no. So to avoid eating maggi mee (instant noodles) again for god knows how many times this week I ate a bit of snack for dinner.

Then they called and said they were coming home to pick me up for dinner.

Too late. My stomach was already three quarters full! =(

Lucky parents. Don't have to pay for my share of the food.

Since I wasn't gonna eat. I ordered a drink for myself.

My 'screwdriver'!

RM 15.50 for this. I didn't know it was gonna be this small!

My brother's coke. RM 6 if I'm not mistaken. But its refillable.
Remember to tell them! Its not written!

Here comes the food!

My mum's mixed grill! So so only. I think its a mixture of chicken fillet,
lamb chop and beef fillet.

Dad's burger. RM 16.50 I think. OK ok only.

My brother getting the best of everything. He's US Rib-eye steak. Costing around RM 80 bucks I think. But its worth it. Super juicy and nice. Yummy!!! A bit on the tough side though.

The steak here is definitely nice. But the presentation of the food is yet to be desired. Not a bad place to bring a date. Or even as a family outing. But remember to bring enough cash!

After everyone finished their meal, I realized I still haven't finish my drink, so I had to drink down the whole drink at one go.

Wooooo.... Was a bit dizzy after that! Ahahaha...

Here and there I swayed! WOOOOHOOOOOoo..! ^.^


Siedne said...

nvr been there before, but from the outside the place looks good, hehe. hmm the food presentation not so nice though...and the ribeye so small for such a big price.

-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. the presentation is not really good. But its Malaysia we're talking about. Of coz their serving is small..Good for us to maintain our sizes right? Hehe..But I do agree that its expensive. Kinda crazy!

Thanks for dropping by!

zewt said...

went to this place called sarcosso with my gf last weekend... located at jalan yap kwan seng....

that place is brilliant!

Merv Kwok said...

15 bucks for you drink... wahlao eh! can die man

-Princess Shin- said...

really? what do they serve there? Muz try leh.. if its really brilliant! Thanks! ^.^

merv kwok,
haha.. cannot die la.. just a bit poorer! Hehe..

zewt said...

it's a brilliant italian restaurant with very very polite and well trained waiter. the prices are very reasonable as the place is new.

try their woodfire pizza... it's really fantastic.

go into jalan yap kwan seng from public bank.... turn left when u see the nasi kandar store on your left... sarcosso is at the end of the road.

then let me know!