Monday, March 05, 2007

Kate and Sawyer together?

I just found out that Evangeline Lily from Lost is dating co-star Dominic Monaghan. If you dunno who he is.. Well.. Maybe coz he's not famous enough. Haha..

Em.. sorry but.. eww...

I have always not thought much of 'Charlie'. The drug addict guy.

Not nice.

I much prefer Sawyer. Or also affectionately known as 'James'. Haha.. I know of a guy name James and he's nothing like Sawyer. Looks I mean.

Sawyer is the ultimate bad boy. I used to dislike him a lot in the show but after seeing that he actually has a vulnerable side in him I'm starting to admire him more.

The conflicting bad guy.

A man's man. Won't say sorry even when he knows he's wrong and treat everybody like dirt. For some weird reason that he wants everybody to hate him.

Not boyfriend material definitely but it doesn't hurt to have some eye candy!

Awww... So cute.

Evangeline Lily looks super hot too.

Like she always does even though they're stranded on an island. Even to the extant of letting 'the others' capture and tortured.

Its kinda fake if you ask me.

She looks so sweet here.

But I don't mind.

Fabulous isn't she?

Hope they don't break this couple in the series!

I know Kate likes Jack too.. Kinda torn between two lovers but though Jack may be good for her but somehow I prefer her with Sawyer. He needs her. Don't ya think so? Right? Right?

Lost is slowly starting to fizzle. The ratings in the States aren't very good either. Nevertheless I'm still watching it over the internet. I have to admit its getting quite a bore watching them go round and round with the storyline. But I like watching Kate, Jack, and Sawyer. So the producers better not kill them. Or else they'll be missing another viewer all the way from Malaysia.

And don't kill my favorite Korean couple too! =)


hcfoo said...

What??? They are together in real life?

I think the character Kate and Sawyer is going to be together for quite some time because there's a new woman in Jack's life. She's one of the Others.

I don't want to say more in case you haven't watch Season 3.

Keshi said...

I dunno him..neither her.


-Princess Shin- said...

Yeah.. Kate and Charlie are together in real life. Weird right?

THe new woman in Jack's life is kinda weird. Dunno whether she's good in nature anot. I watched Season 3 already. Until ep 10. Its moving so slow! Haha..

Thanks for dropping by!

Too bad.. =( Haha.. now u know tho.

cely said...

kate and charlie? where is the chemistry?

that's odd to me.. hehe

i like sawyer too :p

zewt said...

the cast may be nice, but i think i am getting lost while watching lost season 3.

the producer should solve the mysteriessss and end the series, but the endless mysteries is driving me crazy...!