Saturday, March 10, 2007

International Woman's Day

Ok.. I know I'm a bit late for this. For those in the dark, International Woman's Day was on the 8th of March!

Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls

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Woman all over the world are subjected to abuse and violence. Whether its in our very own country or some far away land, the fact is that its still going on. And not only woman but children and the elderly are all abuse and treated unfairly.

Some may feel that because it doesn't happen in our own backyard, we don't have to care about it nor do anything about it. Or some may feel that they can't do anything. But that is not true. Action can be taken. Even if its just our own family, we can definitely create ripples and later big change in the society.

"Nonviolence" does not merely mean to refrain from violence. Violence erupts when one person blames another for a problem or conflict. Conversely, nonviolence is a way of life in which one resolves, “Let me be the one to change first.” If this spirit were to be embraced, how much more at peace would our families and society itself be.

-Daisaku Ikeda

The way we run our lives are also important. Do we respect others? Do we respect our family members, colleagues or even the maid in our house that is there just to serve us?

Do you humiliate your younger brother or sister just because he/she has done something that irritates you? Did you just called your assistant names and cursed him/sher for not being able to understand what you were trying to ask him/her to do?

Everyone is a human being regardless of their gender, age, or status. And everybody is special and precious. So let's start from ourselves and create ripples of change! =)


Aidan said...

Well Said....
Something the western world has lost is a simple thing called respect... For our elders, or partners and even ourselves, its going to take a lot of work to bring on the change..

Brooklyn Frank said...

well said, indeed. muchos kudos.

nazlihaffiz said...


such world would be a nice place to live in..

cheers :)

Merv Kwok said...

My... You are late! =P

Stace said...

I was born on International Women's Day. Yay me! But not to make light of a serious issue... a very good and timely post, and an issue we all need to stay aware of.

Terra Shield said...

Hey, Happy (Belated)International Women's Day to you! I did a write up on the same topic too :)

Steven Novak said...


Sometimes it's just so fun to be mean.... ;)


-Princess Shin- said...

You said it right! Respect respect respect! Hope everyone has that philosophy in mind!

Thanks for dropping by!

brooklyn frank,
Hehe.. thank you! What's muchos kudos anyway? Haha.. sound like some macho thing.

Thanks for dropping by ya! =)

Ya.. it would. No war.. no violence. Sigh.. when will the day come? But important thing is we start with ourselves. =)

Nice of you to drop by!

merv kwok,
Hehe.. better late then never right?

-Princess Shin- said...

wow.. happy belated birthday to you!!! =) we're both piscies! Can't really spell it! Boohoo..

But yeah. Its an issue we should all be aware of and apply it in our daily life!

Thanks for dropping by!

terra shield,
Happy Belated Day to you too!!! =) Hehe.. Take care!

steven novak,
you meanie!