Friday, March 09, 2007

Do you bathe late?

Oh dear.. Its 4am in the morning and I havent bathe yet. Yes.. I know.. I'm a dirty girl. =(

Are you going away from my blog now? You can smell me from there?

Oh dear..

But seriously.. ITs so late in the night now. Or more like so early in the morning. Is it okay to bathe this late? I heard rheumatism is cause by this. Bathing with cold water and stuff. Its no good right?

With all this late night sleeping, I just found out I got a big juicy pimple growing! =( For the past whole week I was stuck at home my complexion was super nice. And I had no one to admire it. I'm sure my 14 year old brother couldn't care less. And my mum. Haha..And tomorrow? Well.. Cody is coming back.

Just when I'm supposed to attend my friend's 21st birthday party I have to have a big juicy pimple.

Where is the fairness in this world?

Back to the topic. Should I bathe?

But I can hear you guys saying you can smell me from where you are. But what if I get joint problems by the age of 25? That wouldn't be very good. Then I wont be able to type anymore.

No typing = no blog

No blog = imaginary readers sad

No good right?

To bathe or not to bathe. That is the question!


Justin Tan said...

Well it's not just you... I just bathed too :P

As for joint problems... I am not sure is there a scientific proof on that. The only version I heard is from my parents -.-"

Ces said...

Princess you are so funny! I laughed so hard at your description of pimple, although I cringed a bit. It is never too late to bathe at any time unless you are very sleepy and apt to fall asleep in the tub and then drown, so do be careful!

Anonymous said...


dee said...

Lolz. Why do pimples pop up when we have a major event? Because the world is unfair. =P

Go's never too late to bath!

krystyna said...

Hi Princess Shin!
Funny written.
Prevention is The Best method for any kind of problem. OK?
Best weekendtime to you!

zewt said...

hot shower perhaps? i used to shower very late last time... when i return home from clubbing... feels fine.

so did you shower in the end?

-Princess Shin- said...

justin tan,
I'm always bathing so late in the night. Its terrible. But yeah.. the only version is from my parents and relatives. Really dunno whether its true or not. But kinda makes u worry all the same. Don't u?

Thanks for dropping by!

haha.. I don't think I'm that sleepy at this time of the day. I'm actually more awake! I'm a bat now! Dunno good thing or bad thing. But we Chinese believe that you'll get joints pain if you bathe after 6pm. So imagine bathing at 4am!

1? hmm.. what about 3?

I know.. Its always like that right? is this how the world works? Weird la! haha..

Have you not heard of the rheumatism thing? Not worried? Hehe..

-Princess Shin- said...

I think you have said it the best. Prevention is better that anything. I shall try to not bathe so late.

Have a nice weekend!

aiyoh.. you go clubbing different! With all the smoke and everything. Definitely have to bathe wan. No offense if you're a smoker! =)

Didn't bathe in the end. Haha..

zewt said...

no.. i dont smoke... only drink... :)