Saturday, March 10, 2007

Did I bathe after that?

Wanna know whether I bathe anot last night?

Ok. I can hear you guys answering,

"Em.. No.''


"Em.. No interest to know whether you bathe or not!"


"Please la! You think I so free go think whether YOU got bathe anot ah?"

But I'm still gonna tell you. Coz its my blog and I can say whatever I like! =P

Well.. the answer was no. I didn't. Hehe..

Did you smell me all the way from Timbuktwo?

Huh? I have a reader from TImbuk2?

Wowo.. that's quite cool! I really didn't know that!

But seriously I think I dun wanna take the chances. 4 am is a bit too late for me. The old woman's tale of not bathing after 6pm is taking its effects on me. Though I wont be that crazy and not bathe after 6 pm but prevention is better than cure right?

It won't hurt to 'smell' abit for one night.

Call me paranoid or something. But when I live until the riping age of 200 and still able to run up and down the stairs don't be jealous ya? Though the fact that my muscles ache all over a day after I washed the car kinda tells me another thing. Oh well..

Furthermore I don't have anyone sleeping beside me. Only my little turtles, bears, elephants, cats, bla bla bla. Hehe.. I'm still young at heart. Even though I'm old outside! BoohOO!!

Hope I didn't prevent you from sleeping due to my 'smell'! =)


narrowband said...

You know, I don't think I can ever go to bed without cleaning myself up, especially after a long (or hot, or sweaty) day. It's the same bed sheet and pillow cases and blankets that you're gonna use again the following night.. :p

-Princess Shin- said...

I know.. I used to be super fussy over this too. Can't sleep on my bed unless I'm bathe clean. No one can get on my bed too..But 4 am is a bit too much don't ya think so? Haha.. don't care la!

Thanks for dropping by!