Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ClayPot Chicken Rice

Non Halal post.

Oooh.. Just looking at the pictures is making me hungry. Oh dear. I should stop posting pictures of food so late in the night.

Anyway, went to Damansara Jaya for dinner the other night. Like I told you, my mother doesn't cook so I eat out EVERY single day. So lots of pictures to show you guys everyday.

This is a coffee shop opposite Lotus the Indian Shop. Near Atria shopping center. Its open from 5pm onwards. And by 8pm or 9pm its finish. Its even worst on weekends!

She is the owner of this stall. The lady in pink. Think she's in her forties. Seems that she has been working for the past over 20 years. Wonder how it feels like to be doing the same thing every single day? I admire her actually. Being in this kinda business must be tough! She can be considered quite successful looking at the amount of customers she has. She's always alone with her maid. One woman show. Wonder if she's married?

I introduced my mum to this place a while ago and she has been addicted ever since. Always asking me to accompany her for dinner here. And I'm always so lazy to go out but.. She's my mum. So..

But the food here is really not bad. The claypot rice I mean. In Chinese we call it Sa Poh Gai Fan!

With salted fish and Chinese sausage (lap qiong) Though I always ask them not to put lap qiong inside. Don't like.

First we stir..

And stir..

and stir somemore..

She serves different type of soup too. My favourite being the pepper pig stomach soup. Its super unhealthy I know but anything pepperish, I like! Hehe..

Haven't eaten pig stomach before? You should try it someday. Hehe.. chewy chewy one. Non halal of coz.

See the amount of pepper inside. Yummy!!! Can't eat that those. Too hard already.

Love it all the same.

Oh dear.. I'm seriously hungry again. See what I go through for you guys pleasure? So sweet la I! =)

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freethinker said...

Damansara Jaya ? Where ?? I stay near there.. I wanna drink pig stomach soup !