Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm not really an anime fan. I don't understand how people can chase tens and hundreds of these series day in day out. And talk about them all day long. Its even more rampant over in Asia. The Anime craze has slowly took over Malaysia too and I dont really get it.

My brother is considered one of the anime fans. He doesn't read the comic books but he uses his own pocket money to buy the DVDs. And let me tell you they aren't cheap. Feeding this particular interest is certainly gonna burn a whole in your pocket.

I'm not a big fan of the anime comics too.. I find it a tad bit hard to understand. With all the Chinese words and all that.

However, when I was in high school I remember reading this particular series, Chobits. Heard of it?

In the near future, personal computers take the form attractive women, called Persocons. Kinda like iRobot. The difference is these robots are super cute. They look exactly like human except that all of them have pointy ears. It tells of a young 18 year old guy, Hideki Motosuwa, who is a poor student who failed his entrance exams to get into college. So, Hideki is forced to move to the city, get a job, and attend cram school in hopes of passing the next college entrance exam. He of course, wants a Persocon for himself, but is way too poor to afford one.

One day, Hitoki finds a Persocon in a trash heap. However, his new find doesn't seem to be like the others he's heard about. She doesn't seem to have any operating system at all, and only says "Chii". As Hideki learns more about his Persocon (aptly named "Chii"), he finds that she is not of any known type, and most likely some sort of homemade model. Its the story of how both of them slowly develop a friendship and love.

But how can a human and a persocon be together?

He also learns of the rumor of the "Chobits", Persocons with the ability to think for themselves, instead of running only complex programs.

Therefore, the main story line would be,

Is she the one?

That was 5 or 6 years ago. A few days ago, I saw my brother downloading an anime series and guess what it was? Chobits! Wahaha.. So now.. I'm slowly filling my time by watching it now. Pretty interesting. Slowly trying to learn Japanese too.. Hehe...

She's so cute right? Kawaii neh! =)

I especially love this particular character, Sumomo. She this small cute pink persocon. She's as tiny as ur palm but super cheerful and lively. Always jumping up and down. Hehe..

There's one thing about Japanese Anime that truly intrigues me.. It is how each and every series has its own very unique story line. One that you will never ever think of!

Though Chi has no memory of who she was before this... Occasionally she hears voices and this dark mysterious persocons that looks exactly like her would come visit her. Who is she anyway?

One thing though.. I hope they don't drag this series too long and please do give me a happy ending! K? Thanks!


Matsuri said...

I completely agree!

I love chobits
and a few other anime's which are short and sweet or they've left the story open for perhaps later development

All the popular stuff which ahve hundreds of episodes that people are obsessed by, bothers me, so much for me not to bother watching them :O

Freya said...

Kawaii desu ne?

Chii *-*

Geminizangel said...

I've only recently heard about chobbits but i think its great :D

Most animes get boring after a few episodes but this is great plus its more of a teenage anime rather than a little childs one :)

I haven't seen them all yet but my favourite episode so far is episode 4 :)

This website is great for the english dubbed chobits (if u don't know any japanise its perfect) all the episodes are there aswell :D

Nuthriz said...

I got introduced to the comic (like first two books of it) likely half a year ago and have just finished watching the anime - thus, Greetings to a Chobits fan ;).
I'm also not some kind of a real anime-fan, having seen just a few thanks to my older brother (the other ones from them that I'd strongly recommend would be "Trigun" and "Haibane Renmei").

Good Luck on your mission to save the world - I seem to be on the same quest, after all ;).

(BTW - Kotoko rules ^^)