Monday, November 27, 2006

International Schools

Been in Vietnam for the past 2 days. Luckily i manage to online. That is succeeding in persuading my dad to let me use the internet. It's pretty expensive using the internet in the hotel but ah well..

My family is planning to migrate to Ho Chi Minh City sometime next year so this trip is to scout around for international schools for my brother and also accomodation for my family. The first school we went to was Saigon South International School (SSIS). It's an Americal school. I like that school very much unfortunately there's a big problem here. My brother's results are attrocious! The first thing the admission officer asked was he's results over in Malaysia. My brother has always been a very playful student. Playing the computer the minute he comes back till around 11 o'clock in the night will definitely not produce satisfactory results.

The wonders of the internet! See.. i can show u now! =)

The lady took my brother's results slip, asked us which is which ( it wasn't in English) and proceeded to circle all his D's. She then asked him

"Do u plan on going into a University?"

On which my brother answered a small yes. Then she asked again,

"Do you think u can get into the university with this kind of results?"

My brother smiled sheepishly. Poor brother. She then continued saying that this school is gearing towards university for all it's students. 100% of their graduates get into Universities. She continued saying that my brother has to have the inner motivation to succeed. And that if he doesn't mind being the oldest in class just as long as he excels, that's the most important thing. I know he understands the seriousness of this matter. If the school doesn't accept him..

So he's gonna sit for the placement test tomorrow. English and Maths. Wish him luck! He's gonna need lots of it.

We went to another international school too.. Ho Chi Minh City international School. But somehow i dun have a high impression of this school. Immediately after we sat down, the lady proceeded to go on and on about how good the school is. That it's a credited school. How amazing the curriculum is. Bla bla and bla. No questions regarding my brother's results. None whatsoever. The other school didn't sell her school at all!!!

See the difference?

I hope my brother gets into SSIS. They really put strong emphasis on Higher Level Education.

On another note, i notice something. The beautiful girls of Vietnam wearing their tradisional outfits. I came here 5 years ago and all the girls were wearing their tradisional outfits. Showing off their slender and beautiful bodies. This time around, i barely notice anyone wearing.

Now they only wear it coz it's their school uniforms!

The effects of westernisation. *shakes head*

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Anonymous said...

still in vietnam huh. saw the referral from there in my stats.

btw, why migrate to vietnam? sorry if u hv mentioned this in your earlier post .. lazy to read la ..

Merv Kwok said...

Westernization kills traditional clothings but hey, times change =P Oh yes, you can email me your home address or if you side on the line of caution, an office address or something i could send the postcard to =)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Westernization as much as Southernization...

Damn that Greenland. ;)


Cergie said...

Oh yes, I like the traditionnal dresses ! I hope to have one when my youngest son wil get married
His girl friend' s family came from Vietnam

The dresses of my mother are to small for me
They are beautiful, made with wild silk

Have a good vacation in Vietnam, -Princess Shin- !

Anonymous said...

good luck to your brother. :D

-Princess Shin- said...

Yup! Still there.. coming back next wednesday!
Shall go into detail later.. =)

Merv Kwok,
I shall email my add later ya.. =)
Westernization can be a good thing or a bad thing.. but it's sad though when u see traditions dying.. but oh well..

Steven novak,
Wat's southernization?

the vietnamese outfit is really pretty.. but you have to have a perfect body to be able to wear it.. =(

Thanks! =)

Cergie said...

My mother was very thin, but I am not fat at all, I would be able to wear one !