Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What does your blog say?

Check this out!!!

This is pretty cool.. I can make a t-shirt out of blog! Literally! Super cool... Imagine wearing it on the streets advertising for my baby blog!!! Too bad it's expensive and u have to buy it thru the internet.. =( No credit card for me... Dunno how those ppl made it though.. u juz key in ur blog address and it will fit in all the words all by itself! Clever right? Technology nowadays... Amazing! haha.. try it at snapshirts yourself! =)


Anonymous said...

Super cool! I'll check it out.

Tm Lee said...

whoa $18 for it..but it really looks good ler

misssixty said...

woah that's so cool!
i love stuff like that, where it says a bunch of random words that mean something... oh, that sounded painfully ditzy.. i should just stop now

-Princess Shin- said...

hope u like it! =)

Tm lee,
actually i din even bother to check the price coz i know it would be expensive! but nice right? sigh.. =(

haha.. i get wat u mean.. it looks all over the place but it has meaning to it.. right? aha.. thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

i just did and it was fun.
btw, i hv linked back to u.

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. cute right? thanks for linking me back! =)