Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poor Husband

Haha... this is super cute... I received it in my e-mail yesterday and just thought that I would share with u... haha... Enjoy!

Wife : Where is the money?

Wife: Show me your pockets!

Husband : I will not give you the money!!! You always spend all of my salary! Booohoooo!!!
Wife : Ahhh ... there it is .

Wife : Okay now move a side . I'm going shopping.

Wife : Thanks Sweetheart! Bye! :)

Poor husband right? But having such a cute wife... should not be a problem right? =)


Lin Peh said...

hahahahah !

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Such adorable kiddies! c",)

adsens master said...

the secret of adsense a gift to you in my blog

-Princess Shin- said...

lin peh,
hahaha back to u..! =) thanks for dropping by!

I know.. super cute right! Haha..

Adsens master,

Tm Lee said...

i guess that is you when you were young ler

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. i was much cuter than that! =) I got it from those forwading e-mails!

God is not haphazard! said...

who are they?they are so cute

-Princess Shin- said...

I have no idea.. haha..

Henry Leong said...

Cute photos-Henry Leong